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Basic information
Common name: Recombinant Human Serum Albumin
Use: Human serum albumin is the first line of clinical medicine in China. It is clinically widely used in the treatment of shock caused by hemorrhage, cirrhosis of the liver, various types of edema, burns, burns and surgical and cancer and AIDS adjuvant therapy and so on.
Market demand
At present, human serum albumin is completely extracted from the plasma in China. Because of the serious shortage of plasma supply, human serum albumin extracted by plasma can only meet the 1/3market demand. In fact, the market demand of albumin in China has been more than 420 tons (the market value is more than 24 billion). Among them, there is only about 300 tons albumin mainly dependent on imports and domestic supply. The market gap is nearly 100 tons (the market value is nearly 6 billion yuan). While the domestic supply are only about 150 tons. As of 2016, nearly 58% albumin is dependence on imports.
With the improvement of people's living standards in China, the number of people who sell blood or devote blood will be less and less, and the demand of albumin is growing. At present, the per capita consumption of human serum albumin in China is about 50% of developed countries. The usage has 1 times the growth space. In recent years, the demand for compound annual growth rate is 10% increasing year by year. The market demand for human serum albumin will further exacerbate the tight supply of plasma. The contradiction of human serum albumin supply and demand will be more prominent. Therefore, human serum albumin is listed as a biological medicine which can raise major products, meet the major needs and solve the key issues by the Ministry of Health.